Yang Cheng Fu’s Important Principles of Tai Chi Chuan

The famous Tai Chi Chuan Master, Yang Cheng Fu set out a number of fundamental principles or essentials for the effective practice of Tai Chi Chuan.


In his introduction to his classic book, ‘The Essence and Applications of Taijiquan’ Yang Cheng Fu stated:

‘Generally speaking, there are thirteen important points in taijiquan. These are: sink the shoulders and drop the elbows; contain the chest and pull up the back; the qi sinks to the dantian; an intangible energy lifts the crown of the head; loosen the waist and kua; distinguish empty and full; upper and lower follow one another; use mind intent, not strength; inner and outer are united; intention and qi interact; seek stillness in movement; movement and stillness are united; and proceed evenly from posture to posture.

These thirteen points must be attended to in each and every movement. One cannot neglect the concept of these thirteen points within any of the postures.’

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